Thetis Pharmaceuticals

Thetis is a biopharmaceutical company developing drug for treatment of inflammatory diseases based on discoveries by leading researchers at Harvard Medical School.

This pioneering research has shown that Resolvins, which occur naturally in inflamed tissue in humans, can be used to promote inflammation resolution and tissue repair to treat inflammatory diseases.

Thetis’ HEALER™ technology platform enables the development of Resolvins and other bioactive lipids as new molecular entities with enhanced stability and bioavailability, overcoming key hurdles that have historically limited their development as pharmaceutical drugs. Thetis is leveraging this technology to develop a pipeline of non-immunosuppressive, small molecule therapies for treatment of pulmonary and gastrointestinal inflammatory disorders.

Or lead candidate TP-317 is a novel molecule that delivers Resolvin E1 (RvE1), a potent immunoregulatory mediator that has demonstrated efficacy across a broad range of inflammatory diseases. Resolvin E1 is one of the most widely investigated SPMs since its discovery 20 years ago.