TP-317 Respiratory Program

TP-317 Program for Respiratory Infection

With 1,300,000 emergency department visits due pneumonia in the U.S. every year, the market opportunity for a drug indicated for treatment of severe respiratory infections in combination with antivirals and antibiotics is substantial.

To address this urgent need, Thetis is developing TP-317, a novel Resolvin E1 (RvE1) molecule, as intravenous (i.v.) therapy for treatment of severe respiratory infections. RvE1 is an endogenous immunoregulatory molecule with extensive preclinical data demonstrating it directly promotes inflammation resolution and tissue repair.

Based on the pioneering research of Thetis scientific advisors, Charles Serhan, PhD (Harvard Medical School) and Bruce Levy, MD (Division Chief, Pulmonology and Critical Care, Brigham & Women’s Hospital), the unique properties of RvE1 have been investigated in several in preclinical animal models of infection-induced acute lung injury. In these studies, i.v. administration of RvE1 has demonstrated improvements in survival rate and important mechanistic effects including clearance of bacteria, reduction in immune cell infiltration into lung tissue, and enhanced apoptosis and clearance of apoptotic neutrophils.