Chris Takimoto, MD, PhD, Physician-Scientist and Oncology Drug Developer, Joins Thetis Pharmaceuticals Scientific Advisory Board

RIDGEFIELD, CT – (December 2, 2021) – Thetis Pharmaceuticals LLC (“Thetis”), a biopharmaceutical company developing immunoresolving myeloid agonists to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases, announced today that Dr. Chris Takimoto has joined its Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Takimoto is a physician scientist with expertise in cancer drug development.

 Gary Mathias, Chief Executive Officer of Thetis, commented, “Dr. Takimoto brings unique oncology experience spanning large pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academia and public service. Chris previously led the clinical development of Magrolimab, which blocks the “don’t eat me” signal that enables cancer cells to evade immune surveillance. His experience is directly relevant to development of our first-in-class Resolvin drug, TP-317, which reprograms immune cells in the tumor microenvironment to inhibit tumor growth, metastasis and resistance.”

 Dr. Takimoto added, “TP-317 offers a highly differentiated strategy to activate innate immunity, which is an exciting new target in cancer research. Emerging data also suggest that Resolvins prime T-cells to promote adaptive anti-tumor immunity. Based on this novel biology, Resolvins offer a potentially transformative approach as adjuvant therapy to checkpoint inhibitors and chemotherapy, with therapeutic potential across a range of solid tumor cancers.”

Dr. Takimoto joins the Thetis SAB with 30 years of experience in cancer research and development.  He currently is the Chief Medical Officer of IGM Biosciences and previously served as Senior Vice President, Oncology for Gilead Sciences following Gilead’s acquisition of Forty Seven, the biotechnology company that developed Magrolimab, where he served as Chief Medical Officer. Prior to his role at Forty Seven, Dr. Takimoto held senior positions in early drug development in cancer at Janssen Research and Development and Ortho Biotech Oncology Research and Development. Dr. Takimoto received a B.S. in Chemistry from Stanford University, a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Yale University, an M.D. from Yale School of Medicine, and completed an oncology fellowship at the National Cancer Institute.

About TP-317

TP-317 is a patent-protected new molecular entity that delivers Resolvin E1 (RvE1), a naturally-occurring lipid mediator discovered by biomedical researchers at Harvard Medical School. As a small molecule, TP-317 offers a novel approach to reprogram the tumor microenvironment and activate anti-tumor immunity through activation of the ChemR23 receptor, a GPCR expressed on myeloid cells. TP-317 has demonstrated potent single agent activity in multiple tumor models, and additive effects with chemotherapy and checkpoint inhibitors in cold tumors. Based on these data and a comprehensive safety package, TP-317 is being developed for various solid tumor cancers, including pancreatic and metastatic colorectal cancer.

About Thetis Pharmaceuticals

Thetis is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the lives of patients suffering from cancer and autoimmune diseases. Thetis’ proprietary HEALER™ technology platform enables the pharmaceutical development of Resolvins, a class of endogenous lipid mediators that regulate immune homeostasis and inflammation resolution. Application of our HEALER technology to Resolvins unlocks their robust pharmacology for development as first-in-class small molecule drugs.


TP-317 is an investigational drug product that has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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