Sui Huang, MD, PhD, Pioneering Cancer Biology Researcher, Joins Thetis Pharmaceuticals Scientific Advisory Board

RIDGEFIELD, CT – (October 13, 2021) – Thetis Pharmaceuticals LLC (“Thetis”), a biopharmaceutical company developing Resolvin-based therapies to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases, announced today that Dr. Sui Huang has joined its Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Huang is a molecular and cellular biologist with expertise in systems biology of cancer progression and inflammation.

Gary Mathias, Chief Executive Officer of Thetis, commented, “As a result of Dr. Huang’s seminal discoveries in gene regulatory networks and non-genetic dynamics of tumor progression, we have a deeper appreciation of protumor inflammation as a key driver of tumor progression, metastasis, and therapy-induced resistance. These insights underlie the focus of our lead cancer drug, TP-317, a unique resolvin-based therapy that activates the body’s natural inflammation resolution pathways to treat solid tumor cancers.”

Dr. Huang added, "Existing cancer therapies designed to kill tumor cells are inherently a double-edged sword. By triggering cell death, these therapies lead to an inflammatory response that paradoxically promotes tumor growth and consequently limits their efficacy. Mechanistically, Resolvins reprogram the tumor microenvironment to counteract the protumor effects that inevitably accompany cell killing caused by the cancer treatment itself, by clearing cell debris, downregulating inflammatory cytokines, and  promoting anti-tumor immunity.”

Since 2011, Dr. Huang has been a professor at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB), a Seattle-based biomedical research organization. The Huang Laboratory at ISB is focused on investigating the interface between normal cell development and tumor cell development, and the integral role played by chronic inflammation in triggering this transformation.  Dr. Huang obtained his doctorates in medicine and molecular biology at the University of Zurich in 1995. After completing postdoctoral training in cancer biology, he joined the faculty at Harvard Medical School in Boston and subsequently moved to the University of Calgary to work alongside Stuart Kauffman on gene regulatory networks and cancer differentiation therapy.  In 2019, Dr. Huang was announced as a member of a global research team funded with a $25 million grant from Cancer Research UK to find novel ways of treating cancers directed at inflammation as a root cause of tumor initiation and progression.

About TP-317
TP-317 is a patent-protected new molecular entity that delivers Resolvin E1 (RvE1), a naturally-occurring lipid mediator discovered by biomedical researchers at Harvard Medical School. TP-317 offers a novel approach to reprogram the tumor microenvironment and activate anti-tumor immunity. Recent preclinical studies demonstrate that TP-317 has potent single agent activity in multiple tumor models, and additive effects with chemotherapy and checkpoint inhibitors in cold tumors. Based on this data and a comprehensive safety package, TP-317 is being developed as a once per week subcutaneous injection for gastrointestinal cancers, including pancreatic and metastatic colorectal cancer.

About Thetis Pharmaceuticals
Thetis is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the lives of patients suffering from cancer and autoimmune diseases. Thetis’ proprietary HEALER™ technology platform enables the pharmaceutical development of Resolvins, a class of endogenous lipid mediators that regulate immune homeostasis by resolving inflammation and clearing cell debris. Thetis’ HEALER™ technology overcomes the stability, manufacturing, and formulation hurdles that have limited the development of Resolvins as pharmaceutical agents, unlocking their robust pharmacology to be developed as first-in-class small molecule drugs.

TP-317 is an investigational drug product that has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

For more information, please visit Thetis Pharmaceuticals’ website ( and follow Thetis on Twitter (@thetispharma).

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