Michael Davidson, MD

Dr. Michael Davidson is an experienced pharmaceutical executive and clinician with deep expertise in Omega-3 fatty acids and metabolic disease. He is currently the CEO of New Amsterdam Pharma and was founder and Chief Medical Officer of Corvidia Therapeutics which sold to Novo Nordisk in July 2020.

Michael was the co-founding Chief Medical Officer of Omthera Pharmaceuticals in 2008, which was later acquired by Astra Zeneca Pharmaceutical in 2013 for $443M. He also founded the Chicago Center for Clinical Research, which became the largest investigator site in the United States and was acquired by Pharmaceutical Product Development in 1996.

His research background encompasses both pharmaceutical and nutritional clinical trials including extensive research on statins, novel lipid-lowering drugs, and omega-3 fatty acids. Michael is board-certified in internal medicine, cardiology, and clinical lipidology and served as President of the National Lipid Association from 2010 to 2011. Michael received his BA/MS from Northwestern University and MD from The Ohio State University School of Medicine.