Ronald Lennox, D.Phil

Executive in Residence at Yale University Office of Cooperative Research

Dr. Lennox has been an active investor and entrepreneur in early stage life science companies for over twenty five years. He has served on the boards of over eighteen companies including General Surgical Innovations, Inc (acquired by Tyco International Corp), GeneOhm Sciences, Inc. (acquired by Becton Dickinson and Co.) and Applied Molecular Evolution, Inc. (acquired by Eli Lilly Corp.). He has been involved in the founding of seven companies, six of which were successful. He was founding CEO of Protometrix, Inc. (acquired by Life Technologies, Inc.), and also of CGI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (acquired by Gilead Sciences, Inc.). He was founding Chairman of Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: FOLD). He was a founder and served as Executive Chairman of Bikam Pharmaceuticals, Inc., engineering the sale of the company to Shire Pharmaceuticals PLC in 2014. He also helped found polyGenomics, Inc., American Renal Associates, Inc., and Biorelix, Inc. Eleven additional companies he led investments in had successful IPOs including i-STAT Corp, Cephalon, Inc., British Biotechnology, Ltd., and Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Ron began his venture capital career with Hancock Venture Partners (now Harbourvest Partners). He was a founding partner at CHL Medical Partners which raised three successive funds from institutional investors. He is an Entrepreneur in Residence with Yale University’s Office of Co-operative Research and Mount Sinai Innovation Partners. In addition to his role at Thetis, he is a director of RadImmune Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Ron holds a B.Sc. in Molecular Biology from the University of Glasgow, a D.Phil in Cell Biology from Oxford University and an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.