Sui Huang, MD, PhD

Dr. Huang is a professor at the Institute of Systems Biology (ISB), a Seattle-based biomedical research organization that leads the transformation of medicine enabled by genomics and big data. An overarching theme of the Huang Lab at ISB is the interface between normal cell development and cancer development, analyzed through the formal concepts of gene networks and cell population dynamics. In 2019, Dr. Huang was announced as a member of a global research team funded with a $25 million grant from Cancer Research UK. As part of this research, the Huang Lab is in charge of large-scale RNAseq analysis at single-cell resolution that systematically profiles patient tumors to better understand how chronic inflammation causes cancer and to find novel ways of treating cancers by modulating the inflammatory tumor tissue.

Dr. Huang obtained his doctorates in medicine and molecular biology at the University of Zurich in 1995. After completing postdoctoral training in cancer biology, he joined the faculty at Harvard Medical School in Boston and subsequently moved to the University of Calgary to work alongside Stuart Kauffman on gene regulatory networks and cancer differentiation. He joined ISB in 2011, where his laboratory combines single-cell omics technologies and theory of non-linear dynamical systems to dissect and control the fundamental tendency of tumor to progress.