"It is time to challenge current treatment practices—namely, using inhibitors and
antagonists alone—and to develop immunoresolvents as agonists of resolution pharmacology."

- Professor Charles Serhan, Harvard Medical School. FASEB J (2017).

Resolvins: Agonists of Inflammation Resolution

Discovered by Dr. Serhan and his colleagues at Harvard, Resolvins are a novel class of "Immunoresolvents" that resolve inflammation, enhance clearance of debris (phagocytosis), and promote healing. Unlike standard anti-inflammatory drugs that inhibit immune function, Resolvins are agonists of resolution that restore homeostasis without immune suppression.

Our Technology

Despite promising biology, pharmaceutical development of Resolvin therapies has been hampered by the inherent physical-chemical deficits of the class. Our HEALER technology overcomes these hurdles by transforming Resolvins into new molecules with enhanced stability, formulation properties, and composition of matter patent protection.